Michael Morton

An Innocent Man's 25-year Journey from Prison to Peace

Michael, Eric, & Christine
In 1986, after I left my home in the suburbs for a regular day at work, my wife Christine was brutally murdered while our three-year-old son, Eric, watched. Upon returning home from work that day, I found that I was the prime suspect in her murder, and six weeks later I was arrested. In 1987, I was sentenced to life in prison after my family and I had exhausted our financial resources in my defense against a District Attorney who withheld key evidence in this case. That evidence was later discovered by the Innocence Project and my pro-bono lawyer John Raley. That evidence ultimately freed me in October 2011, after I had spent nearly 25 years in prison for a crime I did not commit.

Life as it is Now

My son, Eric, and I are enjoying our rediscovered father-son relationship.
Eric and his wife, Maggie, have blessed me with 3 grandchildren.
I’m now remarried and my wife, Cynthia, and I live on a lake in rural East Texas, relishing and appreciating what others may take for granted.
Don’t let my story be your story. Join with me and people all over the country to maintain and implement crucial changes in the law, that will keep criminal prosecutions transparent, balanced, and fair. Thank you for visiting this site. While I have retired from public speaking, please join me in promoting the Michael Morton Act and prosecutorial accountability. We should all want to prevent what happened to me from ever happening again.

Special thanks to everyone that got me through this. Here are a few of the key players.

Prison can be a soul-killing place. My family and church family kept me afloat, literally and figuratively, and were crucial to my easy transition back into the free world.
My Family